Sugarman & Associates Inc. - Specializing in Grants, Financing & Tax Credit Programs
Professional Services in SR&ED Tax Credit Claims

These are the principles we've built our business on.
At R&D International, we specialize in providing professional financial services in a number of government Incentive programs to qualified technological companies in both manufacturing, IT and telecom.
Small,medium,or large companies can qualify for SRED tax credit refunds or other financial programs.Let us evaluate your potential funding for these programs.  
Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Preparation of SR&ED technical and financial reports for submission to Federal  CRA and to Provincial tax authorities
  • Assisting in defending your SR&ED claims  if audited by the CRA
  • Helping your company to implement an SR&ED compliance program which will outline the most efficient ways to identify SR&ED projects,activities,and expenditures
  • We will advice your company with regard to developing relevant financial and technical documentation
  • Assist you in preparing the SR&ED projects claims for Pre-Approval and intial desk review by the CRA
  • We visit your company several times a year to update you on developing the most appropriate financial and accounting systems& assist you in becoming a claimant with the CRA
  • We will coach you with regard to any audit by the CRA in Financial or Technical areas
  • Our professional services assist your company in claiming tax credits on a multiyear basis.Our services will pinpoint your presentation of SR&ED expenses,materials, labor costs,and project feasability.
  • We are your valuable assistant in dealing with the CRA on your behalf
  • We value our clients business and respect your time and we pledge to work on your behalf while not using too much of your important business time that you need to operate your business both efficiently and with profitablility.
  Our staff of highly trained  professionals have academic background such as MBA,CA,CMA,Engineering,Science,Phds,Software professionals and other. Call us today - your initial consultation is free 

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